Miranda Lambert Debuts Her Sexy Slim-Down at CMA Awards

Miranda Lambert CMAIt’s been less than a week since musician, Miranda Lambert, won the coveted Female Vocalist of the Year title for the fourth straight time, and people are still talking about her new slimmed-down appearance at the 47th Annual Country Music Awards.

Even before she donned a figure-hugging black skirt and leather vest for her rocking live duet of “We Were Us” with Keith Urban, Miranda rocked the red carpet in a sleek cobalt blue gown with cinched waist and tasteful decolletage.

When backstage reporters asked about her weight loss, the feisty singer said the catalyst was simply the desire to age gracefully, and take better care of herself.

“I just feel like I needed to get ahead of the game,” she explained. “I’m going to be 30 on Sunday and people say, are you OK about turning 30 and I guess I am, but I guess I’m not because I feel like everybody always says ‘It goes downhill from there.’ So I just thought, maybe if I get ahead of it a little I won’t have to work so hard later in life.”

Miranda, who has always seemed comfortable in her own skin despite her weight fluctuation, hasn’t given up many details about her diet but did say she quit eating Cheetos, one of her favorite high-carb vices. She’s attributing much of her success to her new exercise routine. “I have been working a lot,” she said. “Working out and drinking juice and just running, running around.”

On Thursday morning, Lambert gave a Twitter shout-out to her personal trainer, Bill Crutchfield.


The outspoken country star, married to CMA’s Male Vocalist of the Year, Blake Shelton since 2024, may be cutting back on the junk food but not the booze.  “I didn’t give up drinking. I refused. Have you met my husband? You have to drink to put up with that,” she remarked. “Just kidding.”

Miranda Lambert, whose chat-toppers include, “Mama’s Broken Heart,” “White Liar,” “House That Built Me” and “Kerosene,” will release her fifth album this spring. “I found a great spot in country music and I want to keep it,” she said. “I want people to know that I care, that I found my niche and I care about it in all aspects, musically and my songs that I write and what I talk about and I want to look the part too. So just finding a new spot in my life and working hard.”

Photo via: ABC – Todd Wawrychuk


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