Pizza Hut Introduces 2 Billion Ordering Options! Do We Need That?

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If variety is the spice of life, then Pizza Hut may just become over-seasoned. The pizza chain recently announced a complete overhaul of their menu, which according to Pizza Hut, can be combined in more than 2 billion ways.

With these changes, Pizza Hut becomes the newest member of a growing list of long-standing restaurant chains adjusting to cater to a new, younger taste. That new taste has some interesting demands, and it’s nice to know people are listening.

More customers, particularly millennials, are looking for more variety in their food choices, which include a selection of more exotic flavors and higher-quality food. They’re also looking for the ability to completely customize their order. We’re blaming Chipotle (in a good way) for that one.

To help customers get their customization on, Pizza Hut is introducing five new ingredients: Peruvian cherry peppers, classic meatballs, sliced banana peppers, premium salami, and fresh spinach. There are also six sauce options, which include old favorites and new flavors like honey sriracha and creamy garlic parmesan.

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Additionally, the pizza chain has re-branded some of its classic toppings. No more will we suffer through plain mushrooms, basic black olives, or ham. No, instead we dine on fresh mushrooms, Mediterranean black olives, and slow-roasted ham. Nothing like a predictable adjective to make a menu fancier.

The new toppings will appear in stores and online on November 19. You’ll get less of both the old and the new ingredients though. Where’s that in their press release?

A Pizza Hut insider told us that the new menu changes come with fewer ingredients. New sauce, but less of it. Better quality toppings, but less of them. The price will go up while the bulk of your toppings is going down.


One more new menu item where less will be more, the “skinny” menu options. And depending on your sense of humor, it includes the cleverly or offensively named Skinny Beach pizza.

According to Pizza Hut’s website, the skinny pizzas have less than 230 calories per slice, though they’re also quick to point out “Calorie reduction based on a thinner crust and balanced portion of toppings. Not a reduced calorie food.” On the Skinny Beach, that’s 200 calories per slice of the 14″ pie; compared to 300 calories in a slice of the Giddy-Up Chicken’s 14″ pie.

So, a Pizza Hut pizza is still a calorie bomb, now it’s just a customizable calorie bomb with more topping options, some of which are now fresh.

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