Raw McRib Meat Doesn’t Look Anything Like Ribs or Meat

The poor McRib. For such a fanatic following (that is completely lost on me), it sure gets beat up a lot.

One of the biggest abominations of the fast food industry, this sandwich horrifies us. Seeing this thing in the flesh, if that’s what you can call it, doesn’t make it any more appetizing.

raw mcrib meat

A McDonald’s employee sent this stealth shot to a friend who shared it on imgur, and now we all get to feast our eyes on the pre-sauced McRib.

Under that frozen, pre-formed, meat-like brick is a laundry list of unappetizing ingredients. The McRib sandwich has more in common with a yoga mat than it probably does the pig from which it is supposedly derived. Azodicarbonamide, one of the sandwich’s SEVENTY ingredients, is a chemical also used to produce yoga mats, shoes, foam plastic, and gym flooring. You know – food-like stuff. 

While there is pork in the McRib, it’s not a whole cut of meat that you may presume is part of an actual rib. No, according to research done by CBS News Chicago, it is “restructured meat product. In other words, it’s made from all the less expensive innards and castoffs from the pig.” The registered dietitian they interviewed likened the McRib to a chemistry lab.

This complete ingredients list was made available at the Consumerist, which cited an expert on the composition of the actual pork patty itself. “Such products as tripe [first or second stomach of a farm animal], heart, and scalded stomachs…” are what they are slathering in McRib sauce.

mcrib ingredients

Want pork and BBQ sauce all piled high on a bun? Try our little BBQ Pork Sliders. Keep the yoga mat to burn it off afterward.

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