Releana is a Patented hCG Drop That Guarantees Weight Loss

The hCG diet and its accompanying products, cookbooks and guides offers a niche resource for a small but passionate group of dieters who swear by the hormone to facilitate rapid weight loss.

Whether it’s an injection or drop, all hCG diets are flanked by an ultra low calorie diet of about 500 to 800 calories a day. Considered a near starvation diet by many health and nutrition experts, the lack of food on the plan is a major criticizing point for those in the diet industry. Who couldn’t lose significant amounts of weight by subsisting on such a sparse eating plan?

For those who are new to the hCG diet, hCG is a natural hormone which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. hCG production surges during pregnancy. Recently, it has become a sought after but controversial darling of the diet industry because of its supposed ability to break down the body’s abnormal fat, causing you to lose inches and drop pounds very quickly. 

Typically, hCG is given via hormone injections in a medical clinic. As the weight loss tool has gained more popularity, hCG distributors have created alternative ways for the hormones to be delivered. One such way is a liquid homeopathic drop that the individual places underneath their tongue a few times a day.

The product, Releana, is a new hCG drop on the diet market. Here’s how it works: Place the drops underneath your tongue for three minutes, consume no more than 800 calories a day and watch your waist whittle away.

Releana is the only patented weight loss oral or sub-lingual hCG available. While most health professionals don’t have too many good things to say about hCG for weight loss, Releana at least gets a star for being medically supervised. You can’t get it, or shouldn’t be able to get it, by ordering it online as you can with so many potentially dangerous diet pills.

So, what makes Releana so special?

For those following the hCG diet, it bypasses the injection by offering the hormone via liquid that gets absorbed in your body by consuming it. Unlike the hCG injections, which must be stopped and then restarted because of the immunity the body builds after 40 or so injections, Releana can be used for an indefinite amount of time with no fear of developing hCG immunity.

Releana guarantees you weight loss, as long as you follow the low calorie diet plan. In addition, you must supplement  your diet with potassium pills.

According to Releana’s website:

“When you are on the Releana Program, you are losing fat at a very rapid rate. Fat cells contain lots of water and that will be lost too when you lose the fat. This happens so rapidly that even though you are drinking, you can become dehydrated easily. The potassium helps to prevent you from having symptoms of dehydration like: light-headedness, muscle cramps, tingling in your hands or feet and fatigue.”

Releana and other hCG products and injections may appear at first glance to be a veritable magic pill for achieving your dream body weight, but because they are so fraught with unknowns and risks, you are strongly encouraged to speak with your medical doctor, not a doctor who runs an hCG clinic, about following an hCG diet plan.

7 Responses to Releana is a Patented hCG Drop That Guarantees Weight Loss

Margaret H says:

This worked for me for years!! Then covid happened. Now I can’t find it. I just need to lose the Covid 20!

Linda cleary says:

Looking how to purchase this. Is there a doctor that can prescribe this in the Atlanta area? Thank you

Mary Beth says:

Me too! This stuff works and I can’t find it in the ATL area! Does anyone know?

K says:

Yes. This products works . I too am looking for a Dr in the Orange County, CA area. Med spas no longer carry it.
Please let me know. Thanks.

Steffi says:

Where can I find the original Releana HCG drops??? They actually worked.

Rosary Mangano says:

Releana is no longer on the market. The FDA took it off the market earlier this year.

Gloria C says:

Looking at how to purchase, preferably in Huntsville, AL area or Orange County CA.

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