Ruben Studdard – 104 Pounds Lighter Since Biggest Loser Elimination

Ruben resizeRuben Studdard, the first celebrity to join The Biggest Loser cast, is now the newest eliminated member, and first person to leave Dolvett’s red team. As one of the heaviest men on the show this season, fans were shocked to see his dismal 5-pound weight loss this week, which quickly sent him under the dreaded yellow line.

Today, we interviewed the laid-back American Idol winner, who announced that he’s now 104 pounds lighter.

The Biggest Loser fan favorite may have only been on the ranch for four short weeks but he’s completely comfortable with the progress he made while he was there. “Look, even though I only lost 5 pounds that week, I worked with my team doing everything we were supposed to do,” he explained. “Before coming on the show I had watched a few seasons and I know certain bodies just respond differently.”


When we asked how he was doing at home, Ruben was reluctant to share specific details at first, but when he got an official “thumbs-up” from someone else in the room, he was excited to tell us about his 104-pound loss, which includes the 39 pounds he lost on the show. “I took everything I learned on the ranch, including diet and exercise home with me,” he said. “I’m doing great. I feel great.”

Ruben’s inspiration for going on The Biggest Loser was not so  much about the way he felt in his own skin, as it was the realization that his future could be shortened if he didn’t pay attention to his health, fast. “I’ve always been comfortable with the way I am,” he revealed. “But one day I woke up and realized that I had worked so hard to build my music career, that I neglected the person who actually sings the songs.”

Since his elimination, see that recap over at iVillage, Ruben confirmed that he’s been working on his next studio album, produced by music vet, David Foster. Available February 2024.


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