School Kids Benefit from Practicing Yoga with Parents During Holiday Break

Kids benefit from yoga as much as, if not more than, adults. With yoga programs for the classroom sprouting up all over the country, the opportunity for school-aged children to get in on this wildly beneficial discipline is growing.

A few days off of school, let alone three full weeks, can really wreak havoc on you and your child’s state of mind. In order to avoid the chaotic days that follow a break in the routine, you must do what you can to maintain some sort of consistency.

If your child has been participating in a regular yoga practice at school, there are a few things you can do to help them maintain their healthy habit during the holiday break. No doubt you both stand a lot to gain!

Yoga in the Morning

Every morning while your child is brushing his or her teeth, practice a few fun balance poses like tree pose, eagle pose, or mountain pose on tippy-toes. Encourage your child to focus on a spot in the mirror or on the wall and keep their attention fixed on that spot for as long as they are brushing their teeth.

This balance practice will not only help your child get centered and grounded for the day, it will help him or her develop agility and strength in the lower body.

Mid-Day Meditation

After breakfast, ask your child to sit quietly for just a few moments. When they are seated with their eyes closed, tell them to imagine the day ahead exactly as they would like it to be. Ask them to describe the day in full detail.

This type of mindfulness meditation practice will not only help them to settle down and relax and it will allow them to gently communicate what it is they would like to do for the day. It tends to help release boredom and instill a welcome anticipation for what is to come.

Wind Down Yoga

Instead of watching television in the evening, ask your child to show you his or her favorite yoga pose. Practice with them and be enthusiastic about their abilities. The more positive reinforcement they get, in and out of school, the more likely they will adopt the practice for life.

As with anything, including yoga, maintaining consistency is the key to improving. Do yourself, your child, and your child’s classroom yoga teacher a favor during the holiday break and continue to support the effort to help your son or daughter reach his or her highest potential.

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