Self Magazine’s Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities

healthy livingSELF, the national women’s well-being magazine, announced that Burlington, Vermont is the nation’s healthiest city in its 10th annual Healthiest Places for Women survey.

DietsInReview had an opportunity to talk with SELF Features Director, Sara Austin about the survey. You can listen to the interview to hear Sara discuss the relevance of these results and how irrespective of whether you live in Indianapolis or Bethesda, we can all find ways to improve our health.


Looking at facts like the highest rates of diabetes, number of fast-food outlets, access to health clubs, number of STDs, and rates of asthma, the November 2024 issue, which hit newsstands on October 20, looked at 100 U.S. metropolitan areas and analyzed more than 8,000 bits of data to determine each city’s level of healthy living.

SELF magazine’s list of the best and worst cities to live are as follows:

Top five Best Places for Women (2024):

  1. Burlington, VT
  2. Bethesda, MD
  3. Portland, ME
  4. Cambridge, MA
  5. San Francisco, CA

 Unhealthiest Places for Women (2024):

  1. Tulsa, OK
  2. Detroit, MI
  3. Oklahoma City, OK
  4. Indianapolis, IN
  5. Toledo, OH

And if you find that your city made the worst list, fret not: The November issue of SELF talked to healthy women in the lowest ranking cities to learn how they manage to keep the weight off, fit in exercise and eat well. Think healthy potluck dinners in lieu of dining out, food co-ops over fast-food meals and a walk-and-talk with friends rather happy hour and fried mozzarella sticks.

You can learn more tips and read the complete article by picking up a copy of SELF.

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