SpeedFit: Exercise on the Go

America is the land of ingenuity. You are free to invent anything you like, and if enough people are as intrigued by the idea as you, you can be an overnight success. For every inventor of the “Electric Knife,” or “Sliced Bread,” there is this: The Traveling Treadmill. Well, that’s not the official name. It is, in essence, what the creators of SpeedFit have wrought.

I present to you, SpeedFit:

If plans for SpeedFit are successfully mass marketed, you will have the ability to have something move you while you move. That’s right. Wrap your head around this idea. It’s like an escalator on wheels. Instead of walking somewhere, you can walk somewhere, while something moves you there while you are walking.

I know this is sort of mind-blowingly stupid. But hey, this is America. Anyone can have the opportunity to sell you their idea. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to spend your hard earned money on it.

The inventor of SpeedFit is Alex Astilean, a Romanian-born Olympic athlete. The treadmill is actually not even motorized. It’s “powered” by the exerciser. The promotional video doesn’t give you a good sense of how easy or difficult it is to steer, and maybe even more importantly, to stop!

4 Responses to SpeedFit: Exercise on the Go

  1. wtf says:

    retarded. why don’t you just run, like any normal person would??

  2. Nerdizen says:

    After I stopped laughing, I realized that this is wholly unpractical for most folks, unless of course you live in a gated community with plenty of least-traveled roads and don’t mind your neighbors having a good laugh too! I agree with “wtf,” why not just walk, if running is a bit much for you, or just ride a bicycle?

  3. Runner55 says:

    Hmmm… I wonder if enough people got together on a bunch of these things, that we could put it on rails and make a train.
    At least you wouldn’t have the problem with traffic. Crossing gates would come down for you!

    I don’t know what the RR’s would say about it though, when they try to move their trains over the same track!

  4. Runner55 says:

    Of course it’s retarded!
    It is a machine that serves absolutely no purpose.
    I’m a runner, and enjoy running outdoors, not on a treadmill. I cannot comprehend what the inventor of this monstrosity was thinking. Did he really believe anyone would buy one?

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