Strength Training Your Mind

Maruchy Lachance is president of Running Ninja!, a lifestyle brand for runners by runners. Running Ninja! offers a wide variety of apparel and gifts for runners to keep you happy and inspired while you’re on the run.

In order to have a strong back you need to strengthen your abs. For strong knees, you should work out your thighs. And while these muscle groups are important for a healthy and strong body, you can’t forget to build up your mind.

Nothing will stop a successful fitness streak quicker than a dink in your self-esteem. It can begin innocently enough. Perhaps you discovered you put on a few extra pounds, or you aren’t feeling as motivated on your trip to the gym or your dash out the door.

Your mind is the key to staying on track in spite of all the challenges life will throw your way and by working out your self-esteem you will insure a healthier body and mind!

Make your workout second nature: You would never consider not brushing your teeth – so why would you not take 30 minutes to an hour a day to clear out your body and mind with exercise?

Go ahead and label yourself: By calling yourself an athlete or a runner you have now assumed the responsibilities that come with this title. There is a level of expectation that you must now meet, be it what you eat or how you work out. Excuses you once used when you were a novice are now gone because with your new label comes the responsibility of actually following through.

Create yourself your own fan club: Although this may seem extremely self-indulgent, and it is, think of the benefits this will have on your self-esteem and on those who encourage you. When you step up for yourself and encourage others to support you, you empower them to also take on such challenges that they may not otherwise have dared to attempt. Use your social network, post your goals, successes, struggles and motivators!

Quit your “sinking thinking.” Replace weak statements with powerful ones:

– I am healthy
– I am strong
– I am an athlete
– I am achieving my goal of being the best me I can be

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.”  – Unknown

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