The 16 Most Hilariously Terrifying Holiday Fitness Stock Photos


I’d like to sit in on the photoshoot brainstorming where someone sees a need for poorly dressed, overly excitable models to pose for completely unrealistic holiday pictures. We’ve consolidated the 16 best (or worst) images (17 if you count the thumbs-up weight loss gal) so that you can join us in shuddering to some pure unadulterated what the Frosty is going on here confusion. Try to focus on happy sugar plums or sing a line of “Jingle Bells” if necessary…


Ho-ho-hold on a second. I don’t want anyone like this sliding down my chimney.

1 santa barbell

Because one creepy Santa photo isn’t enough.

3 santa weights

Help your kids eat more veggies by putting a terrifying Santa on top! A day’s worth of vitamins with a side of nightmares.

4 santa veggies

What’s worse, this outfit or the fact that she’s trying to run barefoot? (Hint: the outfit)

6 santa treadmill

“I hope these giant Aladdin pants help me find inner peace and a hot new girlfriend this season. I look good.”

7 aladdin yoga

What a better time to practice your splits than by the tree! Let’s hear it for flexibility, presents, tacky tights, and inappropriate enthusiasm!

8 christmas splits

I’m not sure where she’s working out, but I’m pretty sure that skirt doesn’t stay on for much longer.

9 sexy santa

It’s the ornament that warms hearts and really makes the season real for the whole family.

10 santa skull

Wine and friends and wine and feasts and ALL THE WINE! More wine!

11 christmas wine

Redefining the air guitar? Auditioning for the Rockettes? Performing some disturbing hamstring stretch in go-go boots? We may never know.

12 rockettes

Two thumbs up for winter, hockey skates, giant headbands, classic sweaters, and… falling down?

13 ice skater

Sorry, but we needed just one more creepy, cock-eyed, gym rat Santa. That is all we want for Christmas!

14 gym santa

Eat up kids, I’ve laced the turkey so you can’t tell how ridiculous you look in these crowns.

15 christmas dinner


I mean, honestly….WHAT are you doing?


Has anyone seen Gone Girl? I’m not quite sure that knife is for the turkey…


No wonder they never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games. He was insane.


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