The Cure for Running Boredom

Getting bored while running (working out) is a major problem facing many of us today and there is really no way around it. You can try new music, run inside instead of outside or vise-versa, watch television, or find new routes to change the scenery a little bit. I love to run, but I have my days where I just really do not want to run and a day off is not in my vocabulary (should be though). So, I have found that signing up for races or running groups is the way to go. Most of the time I love to run by myself, but on those days that lack motivation, I lean on others to help me get through another run.

I strongly believe that signing up for races keeps you motivated and on your toes. Besides the costs, what could be better than running with people that share the same desires and interests? This is a cure-all for me. I used to run for the heck of it and it just got boring after a while, but a few years ago I started running charity and local races just to give me something to train for and have fun with. These races help re-motivate me, build new friendships and bonds, and have allowed me to give back to certain charities and the community. I recommend starting with short races (2 mile or 5K) and slowly building up to the marathon, triathlon, and other long-distance races. Good Luck!!

Benefits of Races/Running Groups

1. Motivation

2. Bonds/Friendships

3. Fun

4. Improve Training Intensity

5. Give Back To Community/Charity

6. Improve Overall Health

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