The Ultimate Zumba Gift Guide

If you’ve got a Zumba fanatic on your holiday shopping list this year, look no further. We’ve gathered a list of goods that every Zumba lover out there would be ecstatic to receive.

Exhilarate Body Shaping System (DVD set of 5)

These at-home workout DVDs will get their body dancing into shape. The original set contained only four DVDs, but this bonus set includes a fifth (20 minute warm up) plus a set of toning sticks. Each DVD contains a different workout with multiple intensity levels for the beginners, intermediates, and advanced. Also included is a 10-day weight-loss program for the Zumba lover to take advantage of. What a deal!

Zumba Fitness Book

Learn how the creator of Zumba, Beto Perez, came up with the program and how he turned it into a world-wide phenomena. This book gives you the story of Beto’s life from the earliest details through his passion for dance. Don’t forget about the Zumba weight-loss program that’s also included. With the dance steps laid out in front of them and a nutrition plan to follow, your favorite Zumba fan will be dancing inches off their waist in no time.

Zumba Core Wii/Kinect

It’s now possible to enjoy Zumba through multiple gaming systems at home. With this particular workout, they’ll literally be dancing to get the core of their dreams. The best part about it is they won’t even need to get on the floor for those boring crunches.

Feelin’ It Cargo Capri

Zumba class without the proper clothing gear just wouldn’t be right. Give them these comfy cargo pants that were made for Latin dancing. The Zumba bling on the side makes it official. Multiple colors, sizes and styles (varying lengths and materials) are available.


These light-weight shoes will aid in pumping up the volume and dance moves. The rubber sole is what makes them comfortable and durable for Zumba dancing. Styles for both men and women are available with multiple color choices.

Shimmy Hip Scarf

This fun and exciting clothing item will light up the dance floor with its 100 percent aluminum coins attached to the 100 percent polyester chiffon scarf. Tie it around the waist for a Zumba look that will get heads turning.

Flaunt It Racerback

This part cotton, part spandex racerback top is what I would call the Zumba look of the year. Its fun fringe is made to move with the body as it shimmies, shakes and twists. Multiple colors are available. Buy the matching cargo pants for the whole look!

Zumba Carpet Gliders

These spandex accessories are perfect for those who enjoy their at-home workout on a carpeted area. When slid over the toe of the shoe, they allow the dancer to shake it on out without having to worry about getting stuck to the floor during a spin or a strut. They’re a perfect little stocking stuffer!

Zumba Toning Sticks

You’re mistaken if you think these are your average dumbbells found at the gym. What’s different about these weighted tools is that they’re filled with sand. These sticks are used during the Zumba dancing workouts and are designed to aid in adding muscle tone to the body. Multiple sizes of weights are available.

Zumba Fab Tote

Finally, give them something to carry it all around in! This stylish Zumba bag is made from polyester, contains interior pockets for smaller items, and metal feet at the bottom to protect from scratches.

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