Tony Horton’s 90-Day Plan to Transform Your Body on Dr. Oz

Tune in November 13 to see special guest Tony Horton visit the Dr. Oz show. The 54-year-old is famous for his brand of fitness books and DVDs, most notably the in-home P90X program.

Horton brings an exclusive program to the Dr. Oz stage made specifically for Dr. Oz show viewers, a 90-day plan intended to transform your body for life. Horton tells Oz that anybody can do his fitness plan and the results will last for life. He gives three cardinal rules to follow and a ten-minute workout that everyone can do.

Oz joins Horton for a workout session in which Horton shares how his program works. Horton believes strongly in interval training and muscle confusion, a technique meant to stave off the effects of weight plateaus. His P90X program has sold an estimated three million copies, and most recently got some publicity for vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s use of the program.

Along with his exercise program, Horton has developed a diet guide that he also shares with viewers. He stresses long-term goals for long-term results.

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