Trans Fat Gets Fried: FDA Moves for Total Ban on Trans Fat


The FDA has announced that partially hydrogenated oil—aka trans fat—has been deemed unsafe for use in our food, and proposes it be banned completely.

Our resident nutrition expert, Mary Hartley, RD said “Good riddance to those greasy foods! Canned frosting? Stick margarine? Fake frozen treats? Gross. Those foods are suspect, not only because of the link between trans fats and cardiovascular disease, but because of wide-reaching inflammation from a host of artificial products. This could give people a reminder to eat real food.”

Artificial trans fat—an artery clogging substance responsible for the rise of heart disease in America—is created when big food manufacturers create solid fats from liquid oils.

For the next 60 days, the general public is encouraged to comment on the proposal, and food manufacturers will have the tough task of finding scientific evidence proving trans fat is safe for use in our food.

“They are just trying to scare us,” noted Hartley. “Believe me, the food manufacturers can find a way around this. They invented trans fat and they can invent something else.”

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg passed a ban on trans fats there in 2024, and last year a study found that the results were positive. “The restaurants did not just exchange the trans fat for another unhealthy option. Consumers are legitimately eating healthier food,” we reported. A similar ban took effect in California in 2024.

This is a significant move by the FDA and one that is long overdue and highly necessary for improving the failing health of Americans.

More Information: ABC News, NY Times





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