Use Yoga to Help Ease a Holiday Party Hangover

With holiday parties scheduled nearly every weekend and the New Year right around the corner, many of us enjoy the occasional cocktail, or ten. If you are suffering from a hangover, keep reading. Even though there is no known cure that will positively eliminate or prevent the painful effects of a hard night of drinking, the following yoga inspired tips and poses can help relieve your suffering so you can get on with your day in a productive manner.

Yoga Tip #1

Take Five Deep Breaths, preferably outside

Your pounding head in the morning is often caused by a lack of oxygen to your brain because drinking alcohol slows down your respiratory rate. To get the oxygen flowing again, practice some yogic breathing.

Take a deep breath in and at the very top of your inhale, take in just a little bit more breath. Hold your breath for two to three seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat up to five times. This will help flood your brain with the oxygen you may be lacking and give your whole body a blast of fresh air, especially if you can practice this yogic breath in the great outdoors.

Yoga Tip #2

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Are you feeling guilty for having that third martini when deep down you knew better? Part of why we suffer a hangover is because we feel totally ashamed of ourselves for how much we drank or worse, how we acted while we were drinking. Hanging on to your guilt and shame will only make you feel worse, so drop it by repeating the following yoga mantra “I Am Happy.” Say this to yourself over and over until you start to feel light and energized.

Yoga Pose #1

Liver Stimulating Twist

Alcohol is processed in the liver so it makes sense to do what you can to expedite the elimination of toxins so you can get to feeling better fast. With little effort, twisting can be a huge help.

Sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Twist to the right and if possible place one hand or both on the back of the chair. Take five deep breaths while focusing on letting your diaphragm descend as you inhale. That action will put pressure on your liver, aiding in its toxin purging function. Switch sides.

Yoga Pose #2

Simple Restorative Backbend

You probably won’t want to bend forward, for you may have been doing that all night crouched over the toilet. So, lean back, open up and take your mind off of your nausea with this lovely restorative backbend.

Prop up two to three pillows on the floor or your bed. Simply lean back onto them with your head supported and your arms draping down by your sides. Double up on your tips and yoga poses here and find great relief by also practicing the yogic breathing exercise of tip #1 while in this pose.

Good luck!

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