Working Out With Man’s Best Friend

My best friend is my black lab named Chance. He is 10-months old and loves to WATCH me work out in my basement. Dogs are amazing animals and they are a huge influence on my happiness. I could not imagine living without a dog because of the companionship, happy-go-lucky personalities, and loyalty they provide. If you are not a dog lover or are living dog free, I strongly recommend adopting a lab or similar breed due to all the positive qualities they possess. For all you dog (or other pet) lovers out there, I have put together a few fitness activities that you and your beloved pet can do together; besides playing fetch with the tennis ball or Frisbee.

Top 5 Fitness Activities For You and Your Pet

1. Go for a nice stroll around the neighborhood (at least 30 to 60 minutes worth)

2. Take them to the local track and run/walk the bleachers (great cardio for you both)

3. Swim with him/her, I know my dog loves to swim

4. Indoor/Outdoor hide and seek: Have your dog sit and then go hide and call his/her name to try and find you

5. Go for a hike: either in the country or by the local lake

Here is a picture of Chance working out! He hit the treadmill after doing a few hundred crunches!

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