Your Guide for Enjoying a Safe Gluten-Free Holiday Season

Wendy Gregory Kaho blogs about the care and feeding of a gluten-free family at Celiacs in the House.

As the holiday season approaches, those new to the gluten-free diet, and even those with years of experience, can feel a sense of dread with all the opportunities for gluten in holiday gatherings and foods. How do we share the spirit of the season without the effects of an accidental “glutening?” I’ve gathered tips to make this a safe, joyous, and gluten-free holiday.

Communication is key to staying safe and gluten-free during the holidays. Linda Etherton, the Gluten-Free Homemaker, shares tips for staying safe and gluten free when eating those holiday meals. Not only do we need to educate our guests and hosts to keep us safe, but it is also an opportunity to lovingly hint to our relatives that they may need to be tested for celiac disease or gluten issues, since this is genetic.

Planning is critical. Whether it is planning a safe dish to take to a potluck or party to planning an entire gluten-free meal.

Kim, from Cook It Allergy Free, has a menu and the Ultimate Prep Series for a gluten-free Thanksgiving menu.

Bringing your own food can keep you safe. Having a list of great recipes can make that easier. For recipes and tips to get you through the holidays, Amy Green’s gluten-free holiday series will feature great tips and recipes.

Offer to help in the planning or preparation of the meal. Educate yourself on all the proper serving and kitchen practices and share those tips with the host. The NFCA has a printable guide that lists all the ways to avoid gluten contamination.

Using safe kitchen practices during food preparation is crucial. For tips on how to cook for someone on a special diet, Diane Eblin of The Whole Gang has an excellent list to keep gluten-free guests safe.

Play it safe during the serving of gluten-free food, too. Shirley Braden of Gluten Free Easily has tips for Thanksgiving or any social event.

Remember the real reason for the season. Ricki Heller offers this advice:

“This holiday season, I plan to focus as much as possible on the intentions behind the gatherings rather than the foods on serving dishes. Being “fully nourished” means feeding not only our bellies, but also our emotions, our psychological needs, our friendships and our relationships with loved ones.” She also offers tips for navigating the holidays with a special diet. By taking the emphasis off just the food and making an effort to do more decorating or making decorations, tree farm visits, historical events and other seasonal pastimes our family created memories for the holidays.

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