Your Office Party Survival Guide

The office is a notorious trap for gaining weight. Bowls of candy and endless break room treats people bring because they don’t want them in their own homes coupled with the average 8 plus hours a day with your butt planted motionless in a chair is a recipe for packing on the pounds. When the holidays roll around -another notorious weight gainer- the combination can be deadly for the button on your jeans.

Whether your office throws one big holiday party, or your calendar is full of client get-togethers, office parties can derail your weight loss goals, unless you have a plan.

Just Make an Appearance. Yeah, they can be fun,  but let’s face it, you work with these people. You see them every single day. If you office party is full of games and fun, you’ll be too busy to chow down, but if you are going to be bored out of your mind, just show up, say hi, and bounce. Boredom breeds grazing, and to pass the time you’ll chow down.

Eat Before You Go. If it’s all appetizers and baked goods, eat dinner before the function so you aren’t hungry. Most people make the mistake of not eating to save room for the high calorie foods there, which will have you scarfing everything in sight. Eat a good, healthy, filling meal, and have a treat or two at the party- but don’t make the party food your meal.

Offer to be the Designated Driver. Alcohol is packed with calories, and tricks your brain into wanting food on top of it. Offer to be the designated driver so you have an iron clad excuse to skip the booze, and you’ll have the perfect opportunity to ask your boss for a raise while they are passing out in the front seat of your car.

Meet New People. It’s common knowledge that you eat more when you are comfortable with the people you are with. Instead of sticking with your work buddies and re-hashing the gossip of that work day, take the opportunity to meet new people. Make friends with your coworkers’ spouses or cozy up to the corporate big wigs and impress the pants off them (which you will be able to do because you won’t be dancing on the conference table with a bottle of champagne, right?)

What’s your best work party strategy for staying healthy?

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