17 Day Diet App for Recipes Now Available with Food on the Table

It’s been one of the most popular diets since its debut in late 2020, and will no doubt remain top of that list going in to 2020, too. The 17 Day Diet, created by Dr. Mike Moreno, is a cycled diet plan that helps you look at the foods you eat and the portions you serve in a new way. While there is no online program, there is a series of books that support 17 Day beginners and veterans.

Now, just in time for the new year, an app to help 17 Day dieters manage their meal plans is here!

Working with Food on the Table, one of the leading meal planning apps, 17 Day Diet has made a collection of its best recipes available right in the palm of your hand. Food on the Table allows you to very simply plan your meals within the app. You can plug in your own recipe ideas, or search its database for new recipes when inspiration just isn’t striking on its own. The app also finds the grocery store you’re shopping at and shows weekly specials to help you save.

For those on 17 Day Diet, you now get all of that ease and convenience with the recipes you’re supposed to be eating on the diet. There are 17 Day Diet recipes from the official 17 Day Diet Cookbook loaded in the Food on the Table app for each cycle. So you’ll find a selection of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even sides that align with cycles one, two, and three. The diet makes it easy in the books to follow the meal plans day by day, but with the Food on the Table tie in there’s virtually no way to fall off track.

If you’ve never tried the recipes from 17 Day Diet, you can preview a few here on DietsInReview. We love the Green Tea Spiked Applesauce and No-Fuss Eggplant Parm. That’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in Food on the Table’s exclusive 17 Day Diet collection, which has more than 40 17 Day Diet recipes.

This premium access to 17 Day recipes on the Food on the Table app is available for $24.95 for a 3-month subscription. After that you can renew for $9.95 per month. It’s a small price to pay to ensure you and your family are eating healthful meals at home every day. Plus, Food on the Table users save an average of $40 per month on groceries by tapping in to weekly specials at more than 16,000 grocery stores nationwide!

If your new year plans involve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, or you’re already a devotee of Dr. Mike’s plan, then you’ve got to click here to get the 17 Day Diet app at Food on the Table.

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