3 Minute Egg Adds an Extra Edge to Your Yoga Routine

The 3 Minute Egg is perfect for beginner or experienced yogis who like the added benefit of yoga blocks. While traditional yoga blocks are rectangular in shape, the egg shape of 3 Minute Egg is designed to work with the shape of your body and offers a combination of comfort, protection and support in all yoga postures. 3 Minute Eggs come in a variety of colors and DVDs are available to help you get the most from your yoga practice.

Yoga blocks are most commonly used by beginners to rest and support their body when their muscles or lack of flexibility don’t allow them to hold more advanced poses, and to actually increase the difficulty of stretches for more advanced and more flexible yogis. If you are used to using yoga blocks in your routine, either to help you if you are new or lacking flexibility, or to increase the intensity of your poses, these little eggs are for you.

If you are a beginner, the 3 Minute Eggs can be used in place of rectangular blocks seemlessly. If you are more advanced, however, the egg shape of the 3 Minute Egg acts much like a stability ball. The rounded surface rocks, literally, so placing them under your hands during poses like Downward Dog engages more muscle groups to hold them steady, creating a great burn in your shoulders that will build sleeker muscles faster. You can also increase your stretch by rocking them forward, increasing your range of motion.

This is helpful for beginners as well, because, of course, the more muscles used, the better the workout, but some may find the unstable surface a little sketchy if balance is a concern. The rounded shape also helps those with wrist injuries lessen the bend at the wrist, taking a lot of pressure off the joint without sacrificing form.

My favorite use by far, and not because I’m lazy, is to stretch and support the back in lying poses. Placing two eggs behind your shoulder blades allows you to arch over top the eggs and get a great supported stretch, perfect for tight chests and easing lower back pain. Working on the computer for a living, coupled with an old back injury, has left me with the posture of a question mark, and the 3 Minute Egg has been the first thing I have found that perfectly arches with my back to counteract the Quasimoto hump.

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