4 Ways to Exercise like a Child

Have you ever gotten tired just watching children play? When we eliminate the TV, Play Station, and other distractions children seem to be compelled to move like the Energizer Bunny, and they are always having fun! Imagine how many calories you would burn if you would play like a child?mom and daughter

If you have children, playing with them can be a great way to model being active, build your relationship, and burn some calories all at the same time. Even if you don’t have children at home, you can play like a child and bring some fun into your workouts.

Join a Team – Think of all the activity, challenge, and fun you enjoyed with little league and school sports teams. When you are focused on competition, you can spend an extended amount of time being active without even noticing it. City parks, Sunday school organizations, and businesses all offer intramurals. If there isn’t one near you, why not start one?

Playground Equipment – A playground can be like an obstacle course. You can climb a pole, pump your legs on a swing, or cross the monkey bars. Monkey bars also offer a great tool for pull-ups, hanging sit-ups, and more.

Wheelies – Before you could drive, you likely had experience with several self-propelled vehicles. You probably did not try Heelies, but why not now? Skating rinks do still exist and many cities have trails perfect for rollerblades and bicycles. Have you tried skateboarding? There are many ways to get from here to there that will benefit your body and the environment.

Run Around – Instead of running circles on a track, chase your kids, or just follow their lead and RUN everywhere you go. Even if you are just going to the mailbox, active children would run that distance. Play tag with a group of kids. All these short runs end up being a lot of sprints without realizing what you are doing.

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