600 Second Body Blast is Fast and Effective

The following 600 second body blast workout was designed to target the entire body while increasing the heart rate at a rapid pace. This is a short, but perfect little workout for the holidays due to the lack of time, unpredictable weather, and the versatility to be performed at home- and to get a jump start on that New Years resolution!

600 Second Body Blast Workout (each exercise appears below for easy instruction)

Jumping squat thrusts (90 seconds): This exercise increases your heart rate while challenging your upper and lower body. Try to perform this movement for 90 seconds straight.

Bicycle crunches (90 seconds): This exercise targets your entire core region while helping improve your stamina and endurance. The hip flexors are also isolated. Try to perform this movement for 90 seconds without stopping.

Push-ups (60 seconds): The push-up targets the upper body, primarily the chest and triceps, while improving your upper body strength and endurance. Perform this movement for 60 seconds and drop to your knees to preform the modified version if you need a little assistance.

Squat jumps (60 seconds): Squat jumps isolate the entire lower body region while increasing your heart rate. The goal of this movement is to improve your stamina and lower body strength and endurance. Try to perform this movement for 60 seconds without stopping.

Sit-ups (45 seconds): This exercise targets the core and abdominals. Either place your feet under a stable surface to keep your lower body still or go without to enhance the difficulty. Try to perform these for 45 seconds.

Sit-ups with rotation (45 seconds): After regular sit-ups, move immediately into sit-ups with rotation. The rotation helps incorporate the obliques. Try to perform again for 45 seconds.

Bench dips (60 seconds): Bench dips isolate the triceps and are designed to improve their strength and endurance. Try and perform this exercise for 60 seconds without stopping.

Alternating side lunges (90 seconds): The goal of this movement is to do alternating lunges from side to side without stopping. This exercise targets the hamstrings and inner thighs- a tough area to hit. Try do go for 90 seconds straight without stopping.

Back Extensions (60 seconds): Back extensions isolate the lower back extremely well. If you experience low back pain (not tightness) during this movement, please refrain from doing them. Otherwise, the goal is to perform this movement for 60 seconds without stopping.

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