7 Ways to Get Fit Fast: A Week of 10-minute Workouts for Year End Toning

You’ve got one week left to meet your 2024 New Year’s resolutions! No problem if you fell off the wagon sometime back in, oh, February. There’s no reason you can’t get fit(ter) by NYE! We searched far and wide for our favorite 10-minute toning routines and came back with these stellar seven. Do one each day between now and New Year’s and you’ll start 2024 stronger and slimmer than before!

DEC 24

10-minute Butt Lift with Rebecca Louise: The first 8-minutes of this lower-body routine are prop-free. The last two require an exercise ball and a resistance band. (Don’t have ’em? Repeat your two favorite moves for a full 10-minute workout.)


10-minute barre3 workout with Sadie Lincoln: Get graceful while you get fit with this full body workout. All you need is a sturdy surface to hold onto, such as a kitchen counter.



10-minute abs with Jennifer Galardi: Skip the crunches and try this standing abs workout. You’ll whittle your waist without the use of any extra props.



10-minute Arms with the Lean Machines: Trainers Leon and John demo moves to tone and strengthen the arms and shoulders. Light dumbbells are all you need to rid yourself of “bingo wings”.


10-minute Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout with Denise Austin: Harness your inner dancer–and zap calories–with this easy to follow dance routine. Lacking in rhythm? No worries–you’ll be out of view in your living room!


10-minute Full Body Yoga Routine with Tara Stiles: This 10-minute yoga video is so relaxing to watch and do you’ll be surprised when you’re sore the next day! All you need is a yoga mat.


10-minute Pilates Chair Workout: Seriously–you don’t even have to stand up to do this short Pilates workout. But in 10 minutes you’ll improve your posture, flexibility, and core strength.



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