8 Ways to Fight the Flu

Flu season is here and it is nearly impossible to avoid catching the cold. I have come up with a few ways to help you prevent this from happening. I am definitely a germ-a-phobe and pretty much go to the extreme when it comes to touching rails, door handles, or even shaking hands. I avoid touching rails whenever possible and use paper towels to turn or open door handles. I like to wash my hands every hour while at work and I encourage you to do so as well. Proper diet, sleep, and exercise will also help lower the chances of you catching the cold bug. Eating a variety of foods such as fruits, veggies, meats, dairy, and grains will provide your body with the proper minerals and nutrients to help protect and fight against the flu.

So, while working out, I encourage you to:

1. Wash your hands every 10 to 15 minutes

2. Wipe down and disinfect the machines after using them

3. If there is hand sanitizer available, use it whenever possible

4. Use paper towels to open door handles

5. Avoid touching rails on stairs

6. Eat a well balanced diet

7. Get enough sleep

8. Work-out consistantly

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