9 Kid-Friendly Resolutions Your Kids Can Make and Keep!

With the new year comes new resolutions. Of course, many adults vow to start a new diet, a new exercise program, create a budget, or finally get organized. However, the turning over of a new year is also a great way to introduce new healthy habits for your kids. Below is a great collection of New Year’s Resolutions for your little one. Help them pick select and set goals that can make 2023 their healthiest year yet.

Brush Up! Add a second tooth brushing session everyday. This keeps teeth extra clean and reduces the risk of cavities as well as a host of dental-related health problems.

Sing Away the Germs! Add the singing of a song like “Happy Birthday” to hand-washing time to ensure they scrub long enough for proper washing and germ killing takes place.

Drink Up! Get a water bottle with measurements and make sure enough water is being consumed everyday. Let them choose a fun and stylish bottle in a color they like and help them understand that it’s not a chore but why water is so important.

Respect the Sun! Apply sunscreen lotion everyday, and a higher SPF lotion if a day out in the sun is being planned. This goes for during the winter and cloudy days, too. Those rays are sneaky!

Be Green! Let them choose a new vegetable for the entire family to try once a week. Make this part of a bigger plan to eat the color of the rainbow all year long.

Do Lunch! Let them select a fresh fruit and vegetable to include in their lunchbox everyday. Carrot and bell pepper sticks hold up well, as do bananas, grapes, apple slices, and strawberries.

Let’s Move! Find a physical activity that is fun, like bike riding, tag, basketball, foursquare, soccer, or dancing, that they can enjoy individually, with their friends, and with the family. Play the game or do the activity at least three times a week.

Watch Out! Make sure all time on the internet is safe. Help them understand why they shouldn’t give out personal information or join websites without a parent or guardian knowing. When they know they are working with you instead of against you, everyone wins.

Give Back! Find jobs that need to be done at the house and in the community. Perhaps taking out the trash and recycling or raking the leaves. The local food bank may need help sorting or loading food, or help passing out water at a local charity race. Animal shelters often call for dog walking volunteers. Their own teacher may need help after class managing the room or small projects. Help them understand the importance of helping those around you, making your town a happier, healthier place.

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