A Pet’s Food Preferences: Do They Mirror Yours?

Cat and dog owners are often described as if they are distinctly different people. I don’t know that it’s been studied to great depth, but my own anecdotal view is that there are only stereotypes that don’t represent the full scope of pet owners’ personalities.

However, Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire has studied how pets take on the personalities of their owners. And he came up with some strong evidence. (Maybe that explains why my pug is a bit shy and a worrier… but I digress.)

In a survey conducted by Wiseman, he had 2,500 people complete questionnaires about their characteristics and those of their pets. The survey found that a lot of the pet owners shared many traits (happiness, intelligence, independence and sense of humor). I’m not exactly sure how you gauge a pet’s sense of humor, but again… I digress.

So, if there is some merit to connecting a pet and its owner’s personalities, is there something to these two videos? The dog swallows a burrito whole! The cat nibbles on broccoli. Are they bingers and dainty eaters respectively? To say they are chips off the old block would be, like I mentioned before, only stereotypes. But, who needs to over analyze it!? The videos are fun viewing anyway.

No word on how pleasant it is to be around Bubba after he swallows a bean burrito from Taco Bell.

Listening to the way that little kitty is maniacally moaning over its broccoli, I suspect there may be a little catnip involved. I mean really, who gets that excited about broccoli?

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