Back Exercises You Can do at Home

Back exercises are often over-looked due to the popularity of abdominal exercises. Below is a list of back exercises that can be performed at home or anywhere that you feel inclined to exercise. The exercises mainly target the lower back, but also help improve core stability, balance, and coordination.

Core stability is defined as the ability of the muscles of the trunk to stabilize the spine during movement. Dozens of muscles help stabilize the core and most are isolated in the exercises below. Balance is defined as the state of equilibrium and the following exercises help improve  the strength and endurance levels of your muscles that help make balance possible. Coordination is defined as the skillful and effective interaction of movements. In order to maximize coordination, you must challenge the body by performing coordination based exercises and movements that allow the body to work and move more efficiently. Each exercise below targets a slightly different part of the back and helps improve coordination.

I recommend performing two or three sets of twenty to fifty repetitions of each of the exercises below, depending on your current fitness level. If you are suffering from back pain or any other back issues, I strongly recommend that you visit your physician before beginning this exercise routine or any type of exercise for that matter. Remember to listen to your body and push it, but don’ t over-do it. Good luck, train hard, and remember to have fun!

Home Back Exercises:

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