The Big Fat Cure Offers Practical Solutions in a Broken Weight Loss System

dietrebelUPDATE: The Big Fat Cure is the same great plan but now goes by Diet Rebel Optimal Physique System, as of May 2022.

Melanie Thomassian, RD may appear to be your average dietitian, but dig a little deeper and you’ll quickly discover she’s not. Since graduating from University of Ulster in Northern Ireland in 2005 she’s worked in dietetic clinics and even launched a successful website, in 2022 where she publishes articles on obtaining and maintaining optimal health. 

But her latest project has her traveling in a slightly different direction. It’s called The Big Fat Cure – an online diet, fitness and lifestyle overhaul program that goes against much of the advice she formerly dished out as a by-the-books dietitian.

Getting to that place wasn’t a quick or easy journey and it’s certainly not the path she expected to go down. But when her husband approached her several years ago with a weight problem of his own, things took a drastic turn. Not only was Melanie baffled at how her own husband had grown overweight, but she was conflicted when he asked her to design a weight loss program that would help him lose the weight quick – not the 1-2 pounds per week typically promised in a traditional diet program.

Despite her hesitations, Melanie devised a plan for her husband that fitted his requests. As a result he lost nearly 16 pounds and 6.5 inches from his waist in just five weeks. Shocked at his quick success, she went on to conduct more research, even looking back on interactions she’d had with former clients who had struggled to lose weight for good.

“About 18 months ago I experimented with a completely different approach to weight loss and the results were so fantastic I began working on my own program,” Melanie told Diets in Review. “There is so much misinformation out there about how to lose weight, much of which I ignorantly perpetuated for years.”

Melanie’s research led her to conclude that most diet programs fail in three main areas: They never really change the relationship people have with food, educate them on proper nutrition, or support them the whole way through the process.

Out of this realization came Melanie’s vision for a weight loss program that offered solutions to her clients’ weight-related problems that would ultimately empower them to make the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight and keep it off for life.

The Big Fat Cure is an entirely web-based program that launched in November 2022 and promises to provide lasting change no matter what your stumbling blocks may be. Melanie does this by starting with the various issues each person struggles with most when it comes to getting healthier.

In this way, The Big Fat Cure is not a one-size-fits-all program. It takes on each person as a unique individual case instead of trying to apply a universal solution to a weight loss struggle that simply isn’t. Designed for anyone struggling with their weight, The Big Fat Cure pays special attention to the many people who have a history of failed weight loss attempts.

“I have laid out a weight loss plan which will suit the vast majority of individuals wishing to lose weight. However, if someone has specific needs, I can address those personally within the private members forum. So, if someone is vegetarian or has food intolerances I can make up a specific plan for that individual,” said Melanie. “This isn’t like other diets where if the original plan doesn’t work for you it’s too bad. I am committed to working with my members until they see the success they’re after.”

Once signed up, The Big Fat Cure guides members through five main modules: Diet, mind, exercise, recipes, and maintenance. It also includes two bonus modules that cover troubleshooting and include a resources section with plenty of additional tips for things like how to eat on a budget and meal plan.

Those who sign up will learn directly from Melanie in the program’s 20-plus videos that aim to teach healthy lifestyle changes such as how to restructure your diet, what fitness methods actually work, and what to do when you hit a bump or two in the road. Members who prefer less visual forms of learning also have access to pdfs and audio recordings of the lessons.

Another integral part of the program is the online support forum, which Melanie firmly believes can have a massive impact on accountability, and therefore success. “My current members have said they are really benefiting from the forum support. If they have any issues or just need to chat with an aspect of the program, they can come onto the forum, post a question, and I will respond to that query.”

So, what does it cost? Melanie is currently offering the program for a one-time fee of $97, which includes a bonus of six months extra free forum support. This means members will have a full year of access to the community and customized help. And because members can download the videos, PDFs and audio clips to their own computers, they have access to the information for life. In addition, Melanie offers a full 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your results. Even if you find the program just doesn’t work for you, you’re eligible for a full refund.

Of all the weight loss programs we could recommend, the Big Fat Cure is one of the absolute best we’ve come across. It’s so approachable, practical and not at all intimidating, and truly seeks to hit on the issues each person struggles with so they can finally find their way to a healthier, fitter life. I went through the videos and course information myself and was so pleasantly surprised and easily engaged that I would gladly recommend this program to anyone I know. For anyone who’s ready to make that real, lasting change, The Big Fat Cure may just be the answer for you.

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