Bob Harper’s Coming Out Conversation Helped Biggest Loser’s Bobby Find Self-Pride, Weight Loss

The Blue Team may have resisted the temptation of eating waistline-busting food delivered by the diner-working White Team, but that still wasn’t enough to put them on top at the final weigh-in. After an emotional experience on the Biggest Loser Ranch that included a life-changing conversation with mentor and trainer Bob Harper, contestant Bobby Saleem fell below the red line and was sent home.

Today we spoke with Bobby about his decision to discuss his homosexuality on the show, and how he’s been doing since he was eliminated.

Bob and Bobby 2

This season, trainer Bob Harper had a milestone moment when he announced that he was gay. The admission may not have been a surprise to viewers, but it was a defining moment for Bobby, who was able to share his struggle with homosexuality. Today, Bobby said their conversation was an emotional turning point.

DIR: Was your coming-out conversation with Bob helpful, and if so, what role do you think it played in your weight loss?

Bobby: It was absolutely helpful. Before coming on to the ranch, I felt ashamed of being gay. I never had a role model I could look up to. After my conversation with Bob, I realized that being gay doesn’t make you weak. Now I’m proud of the skin I’m in, emotionally and physically.

Bob and Bobby 1

DIR: Since you’ve been home, how much weight have you lost, and how have you maintained it?

Bobby: Combined with what I lost on the ranch, I’m down 135 pounds. I still exercise, but I have to be careful. One thing that wasn’t revealed on the show was that I went in with a torn ACL. Bob knew about it and knew how to cater to it so I’d still lose weight safely. Right now I’m doing spin classes, which I love, and maintaining a 1300-1500 calorie diet.

Bobby says he didn’t take away one big moment from the show, he took away a dozen little ones, including being able to jump rope, run farther than he ever could, and opening up about his sexuality. We wonder if he ever learned how to do that forward roll he was struggling with.

“I came to the Biggest Loser so lost in myself. This journey has really helped define who I am as a person. Bobby is a strong person, Bobby is a smart person. I know these things now, but those are things I didn’t know when I started on the Biggest Loser,” he said.

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