Bravo’s New Show Thintervention with Jackie Warner

jackie warnerThe Bravo network has just announced its plans to create a new docu-series featuring Work Out star, Jackie Warner. While Bravo isn’t saying when this new series will air, viewers can expect to watch Jackie in action as she challenges her overweight clients to lose weight with her signature bootcamp-style workouts and her therapeutic touch.

Warner first started the Bravo series Work Out in 2006, which followed the fitness guru’s daily routine as well as how she ran her business of helping people to lose weight. Work Out ran for three seasons.

Fans of the past Work Out series are eager to become inspired by Warner’s ability to push people to their emotional and physical limits to lose weight as they repair their dysfunctional relationships with food and their bodies. Plus, Warner devotees love the inside drama that went on between Warner’s personal life and the real-life struggles of her clients. will keep you posted on when Thintervention is set to premiere.

In the meantime, you can listen to our interview with Micah McCain, one of the Sky Labbers from the third season of Work Out.

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