Brett Hoebel – The New Biggest Loser Trainer? [PICTURE]

Brett Hoebel Fired from Biggest Loser in Week 14

CONFIRMED! Brett Hoebel is the new trainer!

Could Brett Hoebel be the next trainer on The Biggest Loser?

Who is he? Brett Hoebel is a celebrity trainer with the looks and skills that we think make him a possible candidate to be the one of the mystery Biggest Loser trainers to appear on season 11. He recently discussed the strategies he used with Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova with “It’s the cross-training that’s key. It doesn’t let your body adapt to one stimulus too much and it keeps your workouts exciting.”

You may recognize Brett from the Discovery Channel show Fit Family, or from one of his many other TV appearances like The View, Good Morning America and the Today Show. He’s also the creator of RevAbs, a workout and diet plan the promises to give you a toned body in as little as 90 days. These workouts combine elements of Afro-Brazilian Capoeira and Muay Thai kickboxing with Western strength training.

What do you think? Does Brett have what it takes to be on the Biggest Loser? Are there any other celebrity trainers you would like to see on the show?

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