Brett Hoebel’s RevAbs Designed to Transform Your Whole Body

What do you get when you combine stunning good looks with international health and wellness expertise? None other than Brett Hoebel. Although he’s best known as the creator of RevAbs, you may also know him as the mastermind behind the rockin’ body of Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova. Hoebel was also co-star of the fitness reality show Fit Family on the Discovery Channel. Numerous other TV appearances on The View, the Today Show and Good Morning America have given us an opportunity to grow more familiar with his work and philosophy. Hoebel’s mind-body approach to wellness stems from his extensive education in health sciences and his martial arts training. Impressed? Me too, and so is everyone else. Rumor has it that Brett Hoebel may be replacing much-loved Jillian Michaels as Biggest Loser trainer for season 11. We’ll all miss Jillian, but who can resist watching him each week?

RevAbs consists of nine core-strengthening workouts. The routines are 15-40 minutes each and are to be done over a 90-day period. The RevAbs approach works your abs from six different angles and includes power intervals for a full-body workout. Designed for men and women alike, RevAbs is easily done in your own home.

No fitness program is complete without nutritional guidelines. The RevAbs program focuses on clean, whole foods. A diet consisting of vegetables, lean protein and water (lots of water!) will encourage weight loss and muscle gain. Included is 65 pages of easily-prepared meal ideas and a two week plan to jump-start your diet.

If you’re interested in a cardio/strength training hybrid then workout the Brett Hoebel way. RevAbs definitely has the potential to help you lose weight and gain those rock-hard abs you want for the New Year.

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