Chest Workout to Lose Man Boobs

man pushups“Man boobs,” or “moobs,” is a slang term that has been given to men who have an out of shape or flabby chest. Genetics play the biggest part in the muscle structure, but exercising and keeping in shape will decrease the likelihood of this happening.

The chest is made up of two main muscle groups: the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major muscle fibers are a fan-like structure that allow the humerus to move in a variety of planes/directions across the body. The pectoralis minor is located underneath the pectoralis major and serves to move the “shoulder area” forward; like a shrugging movement.

Chest Workout

Push-ups are one of the best non-weight bearing exercises for the chest and I totally recommend performing push-ups every morning and every night. I also recommend hitting the chest twice a week with a few days rest between each workout. This will allow the muscle fibers to be repaired and for growth to occur.

Again, push-ups are a non-weight bearing exercise so it should be fine to do them everyday. Only refrain from doing them if you are experiencing muscle soreness or possible muscle overload. Muscle overload refers to over-training the muscles and could lead to possible injury. Extreme muscle fatigue and lack of energy are a few of the main side effects of over-training.

Below is a chest workout that I recommend you do twice a week. I also recommend starting with three sets of ten repetitions and then progressing to four sets of five to ten repetitions. Good Luck!!

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