Crowd-source Your Workout Music: DROP is the Free App That Lets Your Friends Pick the Songs


We’re not pitching you on a new music service to sign up for. For this one, you’ll use the music you already have.

DROP is a new app, free from Jawbone, the makers of the wildly popular fitness trackers we love. It relies on the music you already have on Spotify, iTunes, or Rdio, but lets you enjoy it all in a new way. At the most basic level, it shuffles your songs (and playlists) and lets you listen to them in a new order. On a more exciting note, it lets your friends choose specific songs to “drop” on you at any given time.

Well, while you’re using the app, of course. It won’t barge in like a wrecking ball and start blaring Miley Cyrus while you’re in a meeting with your boss.

DROP will run on its own, but the real fun comes when you connect it to Twitter — and when your friends do, too. They can queue up a song for you by tweeting something like this:

@mbchp drop Talk Dirty

Tweeting this would “drop” Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo on me, @mbchp. If the song you’re looking for shares its name between multiple artists, you can be specific and include their name at the end. A la:

@brandik drop Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo

Tweeting this would “drop” the same song on our editor, Brandi Koskie. Please do it repeatedly.


While DROP could be used in many different ways (think road trips, long days at the office, a few hours at the beach, a house party or social gathering), we thought of its most obvious use: crowd-sourcing your workout jam. It finally gives a practical way for those who answer the relentless question “What are some good workout songs I can listen to?” a way to share their recommendations, and a way for you to discover new music in the process.

Try it out. It’s free, and currently works on iPhones and iPads. Here’s the link: DROP App in the iOS App Store.

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