Curves Complete Launches Today in Time for New Year’s Resolutions

purple "curves" logoCurves is well known for their fitness centers, which offer circuit training exclusively for women. Today, they’re rolling out a re-vamped version of Curves Complete just in time for 2022 New Year’s resolutions. The new comprehensive weight-loss program combines nutrition, fitness and motivation specifically designed to help women.

The diet and exercise components of the weight loss program are no surprise, however, Curves is offering a new kind of support system through the “motivation” pillar of the program. “Motivation is what makes the plan work,” Curves Director of Nutrition Nadia Rodman told DietsInReview. “Overeating is a habit for many people much like an addiction. Learning about behavior change and having the support of a coach and the community at Curves helps women make the changes they need to make to lose weight and maintain it for life.”

Curves Complete is a 90-day program that’s divided in to three phases. The first phase lasts one week, and consists of a 1,200 calorie-plan to kick-start the weight loss. After this, more calories are added for the remainder of the 90 days to increase the consumption to 1,500 calories. After this, women are counseled to eat a healthy diet of 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day, depending on their activity level, to maintain their weight loss.

Of course, the Curves workout is also an important component of the weight loss program. Participants are encourages to workout at Curves four times per week. The Curve’s machines use hydraulic resistance, so that women of any level can get an efficient workout in just 30 minutes. According to the program’s creators, the top reason women say they don’t work out is because they don’t have the time, so this program is designed to allow busy people to get workouts out of the way quickly. TheThe program also provides women with ideas to increase their overall physical activity throughout the week, such as increasing their number of daily steps.

Finally, the “motivation” factor is provided with a number of online tools and weekly meetings. Curves Complete participants can find a support system in other members, in addition to their verified Curves coach. This is designed to help participants not only understand how to reach their weight loss goals, but to also stay accountable. “Knowing it and doing it are two completely different things,” said Rodman. “This is why you see doctors that smoke and overweight dietitians. Knowing it doesn’t mean you can actually do it.”

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