Deepak Chopra Aims to Make You “Stress Free” with New iPhone App

deepak chopra iphone appFans of Deepak Chopra will be excited to hear about his new “Stress Free” iPhone App, brought to you by Signal Patters (the creator of the Live Happy app). In “Stress Free,” traditional Vedic principles are combined with evidence-based psychology research to create a program that guides users through practices that reduce stress. Dr. Chopra has contributed videos, meditations, and narration throughout the app.

If your stress comes from a time crunch or desire for control, some of the narrations may be a practice in stress management in themselves. Although, Dr. Chopra has a soothing voice, I am able to read more quickly than he speaks. Perhaps, I am just not used to my iPhone talking to me. On the other hand, when in the right mindset, the guided meditations can be very helpful.

“Stress Free” is set up with a specific order of activities divided under six keys to stress. You must complete them in order; however, once you have completed a task, you may go back to it at any time; all previously completed tasks may be reviewed in any order. Tasks include self-reflection, questionnaires, meditations, music therapy, and more.

As someone who has taught about stress management for several years, I found the content of “Stress Free” to be fairly basic. I would like more detail and expansion of several areas. Users will only get as much benefit from “Stress Free” as they put into it; however, it can be a good tool for one who is able to self-reflect. It may not be the best program for those who are looking for more practical techniques.

The graphics are well done and the meditations and music therapy integrate many interesting pictures. The guided meditations alone are worth the $14.99 price for someone who needs to practice relaxation. Health is primarily addressed in the third key; however, managing stress can have major benefits to your overall health and ability to lose weight.

Try the Stress Free iPhone App.

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