Food Blogger Spotlight: Megan from Take A Megabite

Megan from Take a MegabiteMegan is a pizza-lovin redhead who’s known for her unique recipes and food styling. Megan is not only a regular contributor to Betty Crocker, but her blog, Take A Megabite, has also been featured on CNN, Huff Post and Buzzfeed. I forgot to do a name-drop alert, there, but seriously, she’s hot stuff right now.

I was first introduced to this talented foodie when I wrote about my fave food blogger of the year, Billy from Wit & Vinegar.

More about Take A Megabite –  

Why did you start your food blog? I started to realize that I wanted to bake, and talk about food with other people who also loved to talk about food. It also stems from growing up with a mom whose cookies were known as the best ever and coming home to homemade bread after school.

When I got older, and my parents moved away, I realized that I couldn’t count on my mom to set me up with homemade jam and bread. I had to make it myself! Food and entertaining has always been a big deal in my family, and now, I like to show my love with food too!

How would you describe your approach to eating/health? I would say my approach is all about balance. I can totally eat cake, but I need to eat plenty of salads and veggies too. If I’m making mac & cheese for dinner, I’ll do my best to pair it with a veggie-filled salad.

Have you always had an interest in healthy food or did it come later in life? It totally came later in life. I went off to college and was eating donuts, pancakes, and chocolate milk for breakfast. I’d never had any guidelines about food, growing up, so it took some time for me to realize I can’t eat like a kid forever! I decided to start eating more vegetables, and keep it real with moderation. I now eat one cookie instead of four and can make a mean salad.

What is your favorite ingredient to use in the kitchen? I love adding avocado to everything! It goes good with eggs in the morning, in a salad, or on toast. I also love baking with coconut oil. It makes my granola extra crispy, and even keeps cookies nice and soft. AND kosher salt. It’s the key to keeping desserts salty/sweet. The bigger crystals are where it’s at!

Has blogging changed the way you view food and cooking? It totally has! I’m always thinking about how to remix my childhood favorites or how to turn pie into ice cream. I love making food that is fun! I have an ongoing list on my phone of recipes ideas. And when I’m out, I love really looking at menus and trying all different things. It’s so inspiring.

Favorite recipe to date? Berry Crumble Ice Cream. This ice cream tastes exactly like a berry crumble! It has roasted berries mixed in along with crumbly goodness. It was my gateway ice cream to making ones like Graham Crackers & Milk Ice Cream or Cinnamon Sugar Donut Ice Cream. I might be forever on an ice cream kick.

BerryCrumbleIceCream crop

3 Recipes You’d Like to Share With Our Readers:

Funfetti Salad (My favorite salad!)
Breakfast Berry Pops
Goat Cheese Stuffed Black Bean Sliders

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Megan is featured in our series of spotlights on healthy food bloggers. Be sure to check back next Sunday to meet another healthy blogger in our midst.

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