Food Blogger Spotlight: Tina Paymaster “Eat Clean. Live Green.”

Tina Paymaster is a green-smoothie-loving health coach who strives to eat in a way that’s clean and free of processed foods, but that doesn’t mean she never eats “fun” food or that her diet is limited to kale and carrots. In fact, because of her vast knowledge about the newest NYC restaurants, her friends call her, “The walking Zagat.” Not only does she seek out interesting food when she’s dining out, she creates unique pairings and daring recipes on her blog too.

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Why did you start your food blog? I’ve always been inspired by the recipes and photography on healthy food blogs. I used to be a photography major in college so I loved how photos could bring out the flavor and beauty of each dish. Once I started building my business as a health & lifestyle coach, I knew that it was the perfect time for me to show others that cooking clean, nutritious food could be fun, easy and absolutely delicious!

How would you describe your approach to eating/health? First and foremost, health has to be looked at as multi-dimensional. Balance must be achieved in all areas of your life for you to achieve optimal health, not just nutritionally. In terms of eating, I believe in consuming mainly clean, unprocessed, whole foods and cooking at home as much as you can. Although I eat a primarily plant-based, gluten-free diet, I do occasionally have a cheat meal and I think that’s totally fine as long as it’s not a severe compromise to your health and you don’t go overboard.

Have you always had an interest in healthy food or did it come later in life? My interest in healthy eating started when I went to college and began to work out more consistently. I started to pay more attention to how the food I was eating affected the results I was seeing in the gym. After going through years of digestive issues and severe fatigue, I got more interested in the internal effects of food on my body and my interest in health and nutrition just kept climbing from there.

What is your favorite food to use in the kitchen? Definitely kale, avocados, lemons and quinoa.

Has blogging changed the way you view food and cooking? Absolutely. I realized that you eat with your eyes first and there’s inspiration and a story behind every dish. You have to connect with the reader both visually and emotionally to gain their interest. I want to show my viewers that healthy food can be good for you, look beautiful and taste indulgent too. I also want to show them that meals aren’t just about eating, but about the whole experience – the sights, sounds and smells. For me, I’m not just sharing a recipe, I’m sharing a story and a passion.

Tina Paymaster 1Favorite recipe to date? My favorite recipe would have to be my sweet potato and black bean tacos with cilantro-lime slaw. I serve them with a chipotle cashew cream, which is out of this world. It’s so healthy for you, yet tastes like comfort food.

What 3 recipes would you like to share with our readers?

1. Beet, orange and avocado salad with a lemon-chia dressing

2. Almond butter sesame noodle salad

3. Pumpkin pie green smoothie


Tina is featured in our series of spotlights on healthy food bloggers. Be sure to check back on Sunday to meet another healthy blogger in our midst.


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