Handle Holiday Stress with Fun Runs

By Dana Walsh from FitCeleb.com

The holidays can be a stressful time for sure.

That’s why my family and I make sure we de-stress with a holiday run that our community coordinates every year. It’s a five mile run that takes you throughout the neighborhood. So how does it help with de-stressing?

For one it brings my family together, well mainly me and my cousins, because we all are working towards one thing – making it through the run alive! Hehe. It also becomes a team effort by training together, and helping each other stay motivated leading up to the run. Of course there are those moments where work gets in the way, someone needs to holiday shop or run errands, or kid stuff gets in the way, but it’s the end result that’s rewarding and the journey that we took together.

We also feel less guilty for all the holiday goods we consume during the holiday month. Which by the way, I like to use Weight Watchers to track some holiday feasts. Let’s face it, with holiday party after holiday party, the pounds can pile on easily – even with all the running. I was inspired to use Weight Watchers because it allows you to understand the calories you are putting into your mouth. Trust me, I do enjoy the holidays with all the goods it has to offer, but it’s also good to be mindful as well to what’s going in the body.


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