How the Gift of Presence Can Help You Lose Weight This Season

Holidays can be challenging, especially when it comes to the variety and amount of food you encounter at gatherings. That’s why this can be a time of year you look forward to, and yet dread. If you struggle with your weight, should you do your best to make peace with the scale? Or should you avoid it all together; after all, you can always start again with the new year, right? Instead, we say plan accordingly.

Remaining present can be a challenge. Knowing what to expect this time of year and planning to approach it a bit differently can make a big difference in maintaining your weight and experiencing more peace, love, and joy (with yourself) this time of year.

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Retrofit offers a personalized approach to weight loss and a sustainable, healthy lifestyle by identifying the key challenge(s) individuals face when trying to lose weight anytime of year. Each client takes a Lifestyle Patterns Assessment (LPA) developed by Dr. Robert Kushner, a weight-loss physician with decades of experience. The pattern(s) identified for each individual allows the Behavior Coach (or Weight Loss Coach) and client to work on the area(s) keeping him or her from being successful at losing the weight for good.

Clients are rarely surprised by their LPA results; they usually know what they should do to lose weight and make healthier choices. We use the patterns identified to build successful strategies. In short, the Behavior Coach helps clients close the gap between what they know and what they actually do, providing encouragement along the way.

Many of our clients are overreaching achievers who’ve experienced a great deal of success at work or home, but have had a difficult time achieving the same success on the scale. We help our overreaching achievers set realistic goals, find measures other than the scale, and accept their limits. We encourage clients to focus on progress, not perfection. That usually leads to the success on the scale they’ve been looking for.

Another pattern is the people pleaser, a person who has a hard time saying no to others, often at the expense of his or her own health. We work together so they learn to say “no” like a pro and say “yes” intentionally. Their wellness expert will help them identify and evaluate ways to build in more self-care activities.

Whatever your individual struggles are, it’s important to reflect on what you want your holiday season to include. How do you want to enjoy all the season has to offer so you come out feeling lighter on the scale and in your heart? Knowing what you want and why is often a great starting point. Remember to keep the focus on what you can do and the results will follow.

So this holiday season, how will you give yourself the gift of presence?

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By Phyllis McCarthy, a behavior coach for Retrofit. You can save $50 at Retrofit with this coupon. #Sponsored


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