How to Find the Right Personal Trainer for You

Finding a trainer is not an easy task. Every personal trainer is different and you need to do some research to find the best possible match. I have been personal training for several years now and been through some rough client-trainer relationships and some great ones as well. Believe it or not, having a personal trainer is a team effort and you will build a strong relationship over the months.personal training

Each person feeds off the energy of the other person, which fuels the workout. So finding the right trainer is vital or else you will end up disliking exercise and increase stress rather than reducing it.

This new year, if you’re in the market for a personal trainer, here are ten tips to help you identify the one best suited for you:

  1. Explore trainers; each and every trainer should give you a complimentary session.
  2. Look for a trainer that is specialized to meet your fitness goal.
  3. Find a trainer that is punctual.
  4. Check the trainers credentials/educational background.
  5. Ask questions and pick the trainer’s brain.
  6. Look for a trainer that is fun, outgoing, and caring.
  7. Find a trainer that does not have too much drama in his/her life; this will take away from each and every workout.
  8. Decide if you want a male or female trainer.
  9. Avoid a trainer that works out during your session, this will become a hassle and could lead to possible injury.
  10. Find a trainer that has a flexible schedule and is accommodating of your daily routine.
  11. Look for a trainer that is not over-bearing, but pushes you.
  12. Look for a trainer that keeps each workout upbeat; this helps avoid monotony.
  13. Find a trainer that makes you happy!!

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