LA Weight Loss Centers Closing, Customers Enraged

I’m still new to some of the worries surrounding the LA Weight Loss centers. In my preliminary research, it seems that closings have been going on for at least a year, and customer complaints for at least that long. (During 2023, it closed 400 Pure Weight Loss sites, its sister brand.)

There are franchises across the country that are closing down. According to WCNC in North Carolina, all 10 LA Weight Loss Centers in the Charlotte area just closed. The suspicious part of it all is that it’s happening without warning to their paying clients.

The sign on one business door blamed the closing on the bad economy and indicated that the centers will soon contact clients.

“We have some that are out of a couple thousand dollars between what they’ve paid for membership, in annual membership and then what they purchased in food that they haven’t received in food yet,” said Tom Bartholomy, President of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont, North Carolina.

Bartholomy says there is no legal recourse according to state law in North Carolina. The Better Business Bureau suspects hundreds of people will be out of money.

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How horrible! Something similar happened to me when my Curves closed down last year!

That sucks. I have a site to help men lose their man boobs and its free check it out

When Nutritional companies start going down you know the economy must be in trouble. The LA Weight loss model is based upon pure poundage and does not consider that many people actually lose muscle with the weight that they lose. This is unfortunate because it means that weight loss centers usually struggle to give people convincing results they can keep off. Of course, this does a great job of creating return customers 😉

Jamie Atlas
Courtesy of Fitness Insights

Angy_In_NC says:

I am one of the many people here in North Carolina who were duped out of HUNDREDS of dollars that apparently I will never recover. I am angry and so frustrated that nothing can be done at all to help us!!! Never would I ever again recommend this company to anyone or any other company like it. They have no compassion or caring or make any effort to contact people who had put their trust and faith in them. It is a terribly sad and pathetic company that would do such a thing. *enough said*

Sue says:

I feel awful for all of you who lost out on your money and most of all on your future success with this diet. I will tell you, you can not blame the employees, many of them are as dumbfounded as you! I know a lot of people who work for this company and NONE of them are after your money or feel good about you losing out on it. They do not give their employees much warning, if any! I know a few ex employees who were told they were fired at the end of a shift. NO WARNING! They are losing their jobs, insurance, and ability to show their faces in the community. So, don’t take it out on them. Take it up with the owner of LA, Harold Katz.

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