Lose Weight in 2023 by Breaking Away From Unhealthy Habits

By Beth Casey Gold, MS, RD, and Director of Corporate Programming at Vtrim Online

The Vtrim Weight Management Program was developed by Jean Harvey-Berino, Ph.D., R.D., a nationally recognized weight-loss researcher at the University of Vermont. Dr. Harvey-Berino’s concept is based on behavior changes: a systematic shaping of daily habits to help people move more and eat less.

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, millions of Americans will make a resolution to lose weight in 2023. The experts at the Vtrim Online Behavioral Weight Management Program can help make that resolution a reality.

The Vtrim philosophy is simple: eat less, move more. Our approach is based on behavior change. We have proven in clinical research that people can successfully lose weight by trading in unhealthy habits for new, healthy habits. This year, vow to change your habits, and lose weight as a benefit of changing your lifestyle.

Here is my advice on changing your behaviors to lose weight and feel great in 2023.

Resolution Revolution. Every year starts the same: You eat right, hit the gym, but after a few months, you lose steam. Set small, achievable goals – like five pounds at a time. You will be motivated by your achievement to lose the next five pounds.

Fight Food Cues. Reflect on your habits. Keep a food journal to build an awareness of what triggers you to eat so you can figure out how to manage your eating cues and prevent overeating.

Workout Wonders. Jan Baxter, aka Healthy Loser Gal, knows the power of exercise. She lost more than 100 pounds with Vtrim and a personal trainer. Start moving! Research shows that three ten-minute walks can be just as effective as one thirty-minute walk.

Make a Long-Term Commitment To Yourself! Twelve months is a long time. You most likely will lapse from your weight loss plan at times. Be prepared to prevent lapses, or mitigate their effect, by planning meals in advance and stocking your pantry with healthy choices.

Reward Yourself. Pick a meaningful reward that will motivate you to achieve smaller goals in order to stay the course for the long haul. It can be anything from earning an hour of reading to that new pair of shoes you have been eyeing.

Taking control of your eating and exercise behaviors in 2023 will find you making new resolutions in 2023. Happy New You!

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