Mike Morelli’s Biggest Loser Recap – 8.12

biggest loser finalistsThe contestants were sent home last week for the final push to lose weight for finale. This is an extremely difficult time for the contestants. There is a lot of pressure to succeed and to keep losing weight and it just gets hard. When you go home real life hits. You now have responsibilities and cannot focus on solely yourself.

This final four seemed to take all of the challenges of home head on. They confronted issues of their past and continued to strive for success. The thing I like most about seeing the contestants at home is that we get to see them in a more personal setting, we get to see how they really are.

The contestants got the traditional visits from the trainers and were able to deal with some issues. The contestants are finally realizing that they are new people. And I love seeing that. They have changed, and being around family and friends continues to enforce that.

rudy biggest loser marathonThe final four were again hit with a bomb for their final challenge. A marathon. The same course that season 7 had to complete. All of the contestants did fantastic. Rudy finished first, followed by Amanda, and Danny and Liz crossed the finish line together. The Biggest Loser donated $10,000 to each contestant’s charity of choosing for finishing the feat.

The weigh-in was dramatic as always, but not necessarily surprising. Danny and Rudy dropped bombs. Liz and Amanda each lost 16 pounds. They are the two contestants that America votes for to see who will head into the finals. I think it will be a close race, and I have no idea who I am voting for. Either way, I cannot wait for finale. It should be fantastic. I’ll see you all next week for my final Biggest Loser recap! ‘Til next week.
-Mike Morelli

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