New Weight Watchers 360 Aims to Make Healthy Choices Second Nature

Weight Watchersis turning 50 next year and they’re rolling out a brand new program to celebrate. The longtime weight loss brand is introducing a new diet program that’s specifically designed to equip people to sustain lifelong weight loss in a culture where obesity has become a new normal.

“We live in a world of food overabundance,” said David Kirchhoff, Weight Watchers President and CEO. “Hence we have an obesity epidemic because people are doing what they’re wired to do: respond to their food environment.”

While Weight Watchers’ goal has always been to help people lose weight and keep it off, their new program Weight Watchers 360 takes it a step further. By building on the PointsPlus tracking program, 360 addresses two main areas that often pose road blocks in maintaining a healthy weight: Spaces and routines.

Spaces seeks to equip members in how to handle situations that may pose problems and get their weight loss efforts off track. Whether it be donuts at the office, portion control in the home or the temptation of drinks and desserts in social settings, Weight Watchers 360 aims to help members navigate these often difficult diet situations.

The second aim is to make healthy habits routine, which will in turn make healthy changes second nature. By targeting the areas where people struggle most, Kirchoff believes that weight loss and maintenance will become easier, more routine and thus more sustainable.

The name 360 is based on the idea of surrounding members with all of the resources they need to succeed: Group support, the Weight Watchers website, mobile applications, activity monitors, etc. All of these tools come together to help support members in a 360 degree fashion, making the program easy to use, access and adapt to their lifestyle.

In a blog post on Kirchhoff’s personal website, the president and CEO reflects on why he believes Weight Watchers 360 is the weight loss solution people in our society really need.

“As humans we struggle and succeed because of our inherent nature. We are wired to succumb to temptation,” he wrote. “Yet if our inherent nature often causes us to trip and fall, the most compelling aspect of our nature is that we are so much stronger than we know. We have learned so very much over these 50 years, and we now bring all of that cumulative learning and experience together to create a program that is perfectly designed for human nature.”

Those interested in Weight Watchers 360 can begin signing up now, and current members can expect to see the brand’s new updated look start appearing in retail locations in late December.

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