Retrofit Debuts 2024 TV Commercial with 2 Weight Loss Success Stories

“I had tried every imaginable weight loss program,” said Juan Carlos Duque. “I successfully lost weight quickly. The same was true with Retrofit. The difference is I put the weight back on with the others.”

Fifty-seven weeks ago, Duque weighed 251 pounds. Today, at 43, he is down 37 pounds and he credits a lot of that to Retrofit. To date he’s lost 15 percent of his body weight, and that’s a promise the weight loss company makes to each of its new clients. They can help you lose 10 to 15 percent of your weight in one year, and the best part is, you’ll keep it off!

Duque told us his original goal was 225 pounds, but now at 214 and in week five of his second year, he said “I’ve never experienced that level of sustainability.”

It’s the same thing Amy Williamson is experiencing, too. She’s a mom of two young children who found she hadn’t lost much from her first pregnancy when she learned of the second. She had planned to go back to Weight Watchers, on which she’d lost 35 pounds twice. But now, after losing 40 pounds in a year, she says, “Retrofit approaches weight loss not as a diet plan.”

She went on to say the difference in Retrofit from Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, both programs she’d tried previously, was that those brands are “a lot about getting to the end point. They have a different approach at Retrofit.” Amy asserted that this is the rest of her life and with that there is no end goal. Working with her behavior coach through Retrofit, she says he “reprogrammed” her and now she’s focused on just living her life.

Juan and Amy both found out about Retrofit when the company founder, Jeff Hyman, sent out invitations for people to join the beta test. The emails for each couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Duque said he’d been “feeling the affects of not taking care of myself,” and Williamson was ready to lose the weight from her second pregnancy.

Retrofit invites clients to sign on who have 10 to 15 percent of their body weight to lose and a commitment to doing so. The tech-savvy program outfits each client with a Fitbit tracking device, a Withings WiFi scale, and a Skype session with a dedicated team of experts that include an exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and behavior coach. The goal is not to focus on an end goal but rather to learn and practice the skills to change habits that will last a lifetime.

“This is the first time in my life that I feel like I can maintain this weight,” said Williamson after getting down to 160 pounds and losing 20 percent of her starting weight. With her team, she considered trying to lose another ten pounds. Then asked herself, “Is this maintainable for me?” Ultimately she decided, “I’m happy at this size.”

She and her husband are both on Retrofit and find that the program is flexible enough to accommodate what they both need individually without creating any issues as a couple. For instance, Amy says they can easily eat the same meals. Duque’s wife is also on the program and he said the “tailor made” approach fits both of their differing personalities.

For him, he appreciates the feeling of support and accountability. It’s not just about letting himself down, it’s about letting down four other people if he goes off track. He thinks the value of Retrofit comes from the 24/7 access to his dashboard, where he can track his own progress as well as post questions to his team of experts (who never take more than 24 hours to respond). He uses the dashboard as a private blog to journal his progress, which allows the team of experts to know exactly what’s going on with him.

Amy and Juan share their experiences in Retrofit’s first TV commercial, which will start airing during the new year. See it here and find even more testimonials about the efficacy of Retrofit.

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