Santa’s Helper Has Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The big jolly guy might check those lists twice, but it doesn’t mean he’s any less likely to forget something than the rest of us. If you’re scrambling to do your last-minute shopping this weekend and still need a few ideas to stuff those stockings, then we’ve got you covered.


They’re never really too old to believe … or at least to get a few new surprises. Teens, college students, and maybe even mom and dad would love to find any of these goodies on Christmas morning.

Unreal Candy Bars. Even we think it’s a shame not to put a little chocolate in a stocking, but with Unreal’s “unjunked” candy bars we don’t have to feel bad about it. Available nationally at Target, Walgreens, and in health food stores.

ToeSox. For a teen or college yogi, these socks will be very well received. A lot more than a pack of gym socks! The grip on the soles allows you more stability while practicing your favorite poses even when you don’t have a mat.

Magazines. Buy a copy of their favorite mag – be it food, cars, entertainment, or fitness – with a note letting them know a 12-month subscription kicks off soon.

ChapStick Sport. It’s tiny but thoughtful for the student athlete in your house. With sunscreen to protect their lips and a ChapStick formula that stands up to their sweatiest extracurriculars, it even has a clip for their gym bag.


At this age, the magic of Santa is palpable and they know each prize found in their stocking is a gift from the big guy himself.

Sip’n Spoons. It’s a straw and a spoon in one making slurping a little more fun! We think they’re a great idea for scooping your cereal and slurping the milk, or even for a big bowl of soup or ice cream.

Bandaids. When their little bodies move non-stop they are bound to crash and burn at some point. A tin of bandages with their favorite characters will absolutely help them heal a little faster (or so they think!).

AllerMates Wristbands. A peanut or gluten allergy for a kiddo can be a real bummer. But we think these rubber bracelets made just for the youngest food allergy sufferers will not only protect them but let them have a little fun, too. Bands available for peanuts, gluten, eggs, fish, penicillin, and more.

Jump Rope. Encourage your kids to have more active play with a bright and shiny new jump rope. You can find them as cheap as the dollar store and in a rainbow of colors.


Filling a stocking for an infant or toddler feels a bit moot sometimes, but it’s a good opportunity to make sure mom and dad have some necessary new goodies to care for the little one. Some of our favorite tiny gifts for the crawling set include:

Little Green Pouch – Make your own fruit and veggie purees and put them in these well-designed envelopes with a zip-top and resealable spout.

Food Train Spoon. If you’re making the choo! chop! sounds anyway, then why not deliver their bite on the end of a caboose? The ooga silicone train spoon will be the most unique utensil in the house!

Puffs! You’re going to buy your tot a few snacks anyway, so you might as well use it to fill some space in their stocking. Target sells the Happy Baby organic puffs that offer a lot of nutrition and flavor choices. For instance, the “green” puffs are made with spinach, collard greens, and kale.

SkippyJon Jones Shape Up. This board book is perfect for the earliest readers and promotes a very active lifestyle for this confused kitty and his reader friends. Find it at your local bookstore this weekend.

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