Symptoms of Appendicitis: Not Just Food Poisoning

Symptoms of AppendicitisIt’s often easy to blame stomach pain or nausea on food poisoning, the non-medical term that usually refers to sickness caused by food-borne bacteria. Yet symptoms like these can also be triggers of a more serious problem.

Many people who have appendicitis say the pain is hard to describe. According to WebMD, the following symptoms in adults could be appendicitis:

– Pain in the belly, which may begin around the belly button
– Stomach pain may worsen when you move, stand or cough
– Nausea
– Vomiting
Back pain
– Low-grade fever
– Swollen abdomen
– Lack of appetite

The real giveaway that you’re experiencing appendicitis is the pain moves to the lower right side of the body. If you have pains in your lower abdomen for more than four hours, or have severe or debilitating pain, you should call your doctor right away. If your symptoms are relieved within a few hours, or if they start while you’re eating or shortly after, then it’s likely to be from a food-borne bacteria. You should also contact a physician if the symptoms are reoccurring.

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