The 4 Rules for Finding That Perfect Little Black Dress for Holiday Parties

little black dress guide 2014
The holidays are a time for joy and gratitude…and a million feasts and parties. How are you expected to enjoy yourself, indulge mindfully, and still look fabulous? Emily Ho, plus-size fashion and fitness blogger, has come to our rescue to help any body type find a way to look fabulous this season.

Rule #1: There are no rules!

The biggest trend right now? Ignore the trends! Toss aside the rules you thought you had to follow and create whatever look will showcase your confidence.

“Wearing whatever makes you feel amazing is the most important ‘rule’,” says Ho. Now is the time to try a bolder color, horizontal stripes, or a chunky scarf that you otherwise thought you couldn’t pull off. Your attitude is the best fashion statement you can make, regardless of what the rulebooks say.

(1) SwakDesigns

Rule #2: Flaunt what you’ve got!

No matter your shape or size, there is a dress out there for you. All those Saturday morning squats paying off? Want to showcase your fierce legs but would rather hide your arms? Emily recommends a dress like this that cuts right near the knee, has long sleeves to keep you confident (and warm!), but the lace keeps it sexy, interesting, and fun!

(2) SimplyBe

Rule #3: Ignore the number. 

You want to feel and look amazing, so don’t let the number on the tag get in the way of that. Forget the size on the label—nothing ruins a party like not being able to breathe while you sip champagne (like in our amazing Thai Basil Champagne Cocktail!).

Ho’s favorite tip: “If you are different sizes on top and bottom, don’t be afraid to seek out tops and skirts that go together versus a dress. It’s a great way to get a better fit and nobody will be any wiser!”

(3) Kiyonna

Rule #4: Have fun with the fabric!

The holidays are a great excuse to push past the comfort zone of cuts, materials, and embellishments. No matter your size, “don’t be afraid to embrace tulle or sequins, both are extremely popular right now!” advises Ho. She assures us not to be afraid of leather, lace, and faux fur. Use this season as a chance to explore new styles, you may find you like it so much you adopt it into the new year! Oh la la…

(4) Eloquii

The bottom line: No one knows your body better than you. You’ll wear any dress best when you feel fabulous in it. Nobody can question that!

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