The 50 Healthiest Tweeps You Should be Following

If you care at all about what you eat, how you workout, or just like some good old-fashioned inspiration, then there are a few people you need to follow immediately. Fifty to be exact.

Each year, Mamavation hosts the Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps list to recognize those people and organizations doing the most good on Twitter. In years past, the list has been entirely crowd sourced, with people voting up their favorite follows to determine a top 50. This year, Leah Segedie decided to do something different. She appointed a panel to make the final decision based on votes by the community. DietsInReview was proud to be a part of that panel, joined by members of Mamavation Leadership and Segedie’s husband, Mark.

After weeks of watching the nominations come in, the top 10 Tweeps in five categories have been revealed. Rather than a single list of 50, this year the list was organized with five categories of 10 winners. This allowed us to recognize a broad range of personalities and purposes. The 50 winners were divided across Fitness, Food, Weight Loss, Inspiration, and Activism. And based on community nominations, we broke the list down to recognize some pretty awesome people and organizations.

You can see the full Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps 2024 list here at Mamavation, but we’ll highlight a few from each category who’ve had the biggest impact on DietsInReview.


We’ve had the pleasure to work with @MizFitOnline and @LisaJohnson over the years on a many different projects. Bright, energetic women, they each motivate in that very real way that isn’t preachy or condescending. They’re in the trenches next to every other woman with time that’s too short and to do lists that are too long.


The way to our heart is like most people and it’s darn good food, not to mention a balanced look at food. You’ll find that from @RoniNoone with her GreenLiteBites updates taking ordinary food and making extraordinary homemade meals real families will eat. We think @MaryHartleyRD is one of the best in the business, and her no-nonsense approach to nutrition is shared daily on Twitter. @ElisaZied has been a long-time favorite of ours, with a smart, balanced approach to nutrition. And anyone who cares about what they eat knows @MichaelPollan and is happy to follow him.


To follow these individuals is to champion their cause and each of their journeys. We love celebrating people like @SkinnyEmmie who make their weight loss efforts not only a story to admire but one you want to participate in yourself. We met @Sweatin_It_Off at Fitbloggin’ this year and have met few people who seem as committed to their own self improvement as he, and it makes it look like a lot of fun! And @YumYucky is one of our favorite weight loss Tweeps because of her sassy attitude that, again, makes all this weight loss mumbo jumbo look and feel totally doable.


If you need a bright spot of positivity at any point in your day, then click that follow button for the 10 people on this list. @Tidbits_of_Tara is raw and honest and a joy to follow her successful and ongoing journey. @Priorfatgirl’s name says it all, but what it doesn’t show is how her maintenance is as strong as her loss.


These are the people who make our tweets a little more worthwhile than bragging about our lunch. They push us to make important changes, like @JustLabelIt @GmoInside @CARighttoKnow who organized, via Twitter, the most vocal movement toward GMO labeling this country has ever seen. Long-time friends and publishing partners @Care2 constantly remind us that there’s something bigger and more worthwhile than just ourselves. And the @FitBottomedGirl is a steady stream of real-life fitness and nutrition guidance that we all need to heed


Of course, the list is always too short. So really, the Top 50 is the Top 60 because we just HAD to include these 10 Tweeps. People like @Dolvett because he’s pretty big time as a Biggest Loser trainer but personally takes time every single day to push, motivate, and congratulate his legion of followers. @JackSht because he says everything we’re all thinking but aren’t brave enough to say out loud. And @CarrotsNCake because darn it she makes food look almost too good to eat!

You can see the full Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps 2024 list here at Mamavation. Be sure to follow us @DietsInReview!

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